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6569 Winchester Rd, Suite 101 • Memphis, TN 38115 • (901) 542-9667
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Welcome to Crown Jewelry!
Crown Jewelry is located at 6569 Winchester Road at the corner of Kirby Parkway. We are a family owned business that has been in the jewelry business since 1986. At Crown Jewelry in Memphis, we offer an extensive collection of new and vintage jewelry at affordable prices. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you find the perfect piece for yourself or a special someone. Plus our skilled jeweler repairs and customizes jewelry on site.

Need a Loan On Your Jewelry?
We understand that it is a struggle in today's economy. At Crown Jewelry, we offer 30-day cash loans on your jewelry based on its value. If you are unable to repay the loan with interest after one month, you can pay one month of interest for an additional 30-day extension. The majority of our clients reclaim their jewelry, but if you choose not to repay or extend the loan, the jewelry merchandise will be forfeited.

Interested in Selling Your Jewelry?
At Crown Jewelry in Memphis, TN we purchase new, antique, and broken jewelry. Bring your gold, silver, diamonds, gemstones, and pearls to our expert staff and receive cash for your merchandise.

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